Patricia Veltri
Certificated Yoga Teacher
Yoga is al long in my life and the first time I saw someone practicing yoga I was 9 years old. That person was my grandmother that after living 6 month in an Ashram in India came back and started to practice yoga every morning.
From her I learned how to do the ‘Lion’s Breath’ (Simhasana Pranayama) and my first asana’s.

I’m from Sao Paulo, Brazil and while living there I was a journalist. At that time I could never imagine that one day I would became a yoga teacher.
It was only when I came to Holland and saw my life in a totally different perspective that I felt the need to connect with this path.

After becoming a dedicate practitioner of Iyengar Yoga and practicing with Charles Hond in Rotterdam, I decided to learn more about yoga. In 2008 I did my first Teacher Training with Tonnie Goes in Monfoort, Ashtanga Power Yoga.
In 2009, already with my diploma in hands, I start my transition from being a practitioner to become a yoga teacher and started giving my first classes.

Even after finishing my first Teacher Training I never stop studying and updating myself .
I did workshops with many well-known yoga teachers: David Williams, Kino Mac Gregor, Max Strom, Eddie Steurn, Clayton Horton, David Lurey, Govinda Kai, Simon Park, Shiva Rea, Claudia Pradella, Eva Ugolini, Jose de Groot and in 2015 I finished an Advanced Teacher Training with my beloved teachers, Katiza Satya and Kevin Sahaj.

I’m now a 500HRS Certificated Yoga Teacher and with passion and inspiration I’m everyday on my mat, and each time I’m in front of my students, I always have the same feeling: That’s blissful!